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Opalescent Daisy Fern

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Fenton Vaseline Opalescent Daisy and Fern Jack in the Pulpit Vase, Antique Northwood Opalescent Daisy & Fern Parian Swirl Cruet w stopper, Northwood Glass Blue Opalescent Daisy & Fern Syrup Pitcher, ANTIQUE NORTHWOOD WHITE OPALESCENT DAISY & FERN PARIAN SWIRL CRUET, Vintage Northwood Daisy and Fern Parian Swirl French Opalescent Cruet w Stopper, Fenton LG Wright Aqua Daisy and Fern Sugar Shaker Beautiful, Beautiful Opalescent Daisy Fern Rose Bowl 4 Diameter., VINTAGE FENTON TOPAZ VASELINE OPALESCENT DAISY & FERN BARBER BOTTLE, New Mosser Glass Hand Painted Fern Daisy Green Opalescent Fairy Tea Light Lamp, Fenton Glass for Levay Cranberry Opalescent FERN & DAISY 22 Table Lamp MUST SEE, Mid Century Wright Glass Blue Opalescent Daisy & Fern Water Tumbler, FENTON GLASS EGG FERN AND DAISY BLUE OPALESCENT DESIGN LARGE 5 TALL FGS., FENTON DAISY & FERN OPTIC OPALESCENT CRANBERRY VASE , WOW RARE SATIN OPALESCENT VASELINE YELLOW 9.5 FENTON PITCHER DAISY , Rare Antique Daisy & Fern Cranberry Opalescent Pickle Castor Silverplate Frame, FENTON L G WRIGHT BARBER BOTTLE CRANBERRY OPALESCENT DAISY FERN , FENTON CRANBERRY OPALESCENT DAISY AND FERN PITCHER 7 INCHES, Fenton Daisy & Fern Cranberry Opalescent Ruffled Art Glass Pitcher, CRANBERRY OPALESCENT FERN AND DAISY SUGAR SHAKER, Northwood Vaseline Opalescent Oil Vinegar Cruet no stopper Daisy , Northwood Glass Fern & Daisy Ruffled Square Top Opalescent 9 Pitcher, Fenton Daisy Fern Baby Blue Opalescent crimped Pre Logo, Fenton Daisy & Fern Aqua Opalescent Victorian Repro Prism Parlor Lamp Rare , Fenton LG Wright Or Other Maker French Opalescent Daisy & Fern Rose Bowl, FENTON GLASS CRANBERRY OPALESCENT DAISY AND & FERN OPTIC PITCHER, Vintage Northwood L G Wright Daisy and Fern Topaz Canary Opalescent Cruet, FENTON LG WRIGHT SYRUP JUG CRANBERRY OPALESCENT DAISY FERN, ANTIQUE NORTHWOOD BLUE OPALESCENT DAISY & FERN PARIAN SWIRL CRUET, FENTON DAISY AND FERN CRANBERRY OPALESCENT WATER SET WITH 4 TUMBLERS, Fenton Vaseline Topaz Opalescent Daisy & Fern Cruet With Clear Faceted Stopper, FENTON CRANBERRY OPALESCENT DAISY AND FERN LAMP , Fenton FERN & DAISY CRANBERRY OPALESCENT 6 1 4 MILK PITCHER , ANTIQUE AMERICAN CRANBERRY OPALESCENT DAISY & FERN TUMBLER CIRCA 1880'S, Vintage Fenton Vaseline Topaz Opalescent Glass Fern & Daisy Barber Bottle , ANTIQUE EAPG Antique Northwood DAISY FERN PARIAN OPALESCENT GLASS CRUET BOTTLE, RARE FENTON DAISY & FERN CRANBERRY OPALESCENT PITCHER, FENTON VASELINE TOPAZ OPALESCENT DAISY & FERN BARBER BOTTLE


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