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Lot of 8 CORELLE Swirl BLUE RIM SOUP CEREAL BOWLS Pink Trio Blue Fleur NEW, Corelle PEONY? Flared peach stripe Soup Dessert Cereal Bowl 7 1 4 x 1 3 4 , Vintage Corelle Vegetable X Large Pasta Serving Bowl Winter Frost White Pattern, 8 Corelle Corning Ware Cereal Bowls Winter White WILL MATCH ANY SET EIGHT PCS, Corelle EUC large white with green stripe 10 and 8 inch serving bowls LOT 2x, 2 Corelle Serving Bowls Winter Frost White 8 1 2 x 2 1 2 , 26 Pcs Corelle Indian Summer Dinner and Salad Plates Cups Sugar Bowl Creamer, Vintage Corelle Centura CORNFLOWER BLUE Lot of 5 Soup Cereal Salad Bowls 6 1 8 , Corelle Corning Winter White Soup Cereal Bowls Set of 2 6 1 8 x 2 Tall USA, Corelle GOLD BUTTERFLY Large Serving Salad Bowl 10 in, Corelle Vitrelle Bowls Blue stripe., lot of 14 pieces Corelle COUNTRY VIOLET used 4 dinner plate cup 3 bowl B, CORELLE ISLEHA 12 PC SET CEREAL BOWLS, LUNCHEON & DINNER PLATES GEOMETRIC ORANGE, Corelle Dinnerware Set 'Pink Trio', Six 5 Piece Settings, Serving Platter , Sale Corelle Platter & Vegetable Bowl by Corning Gold Butterfly 2 pcs, Corelle Vitrelle Corning Dinnerware 4 salad plates 4 large bowls EUC Ivory Green, Corelle Cereal Soup Bowls White with Gray Stripe apprx. 6 inch diameter, Corelle FLORAL CONNECTION 6 1 4 18oz Soup Cereal Bowl White w Black Rim VGUC, Corning Corelle Butterfly Gold Sugar Bowl w Glass Lid MINT, 6 Corelle Frost White Shallow Pasta, Salad, or Soup Bowls, 24 Pcs Corelle, Forever Yours, Dinnerware 8 Plates 7 Sm Plates 5 Bowls 4 Cups, CORELLE Vitrelle Square White Soup Cereal Bowls Set of 4 Green Trim, 3 Salad Soup BOWLS peach apricot rim trim CORELLE corning, VINTAGE WOODLAND BROWN CORNING CORELLE CEREAL SOUP BOWLS 4 FOUR , VINTAGE CORELLE 25 PIECE ENGLISH BREAKFAST ROSE PLATES, CUPS BOWLS BREAD PLATES, Vintage Corelle Corning Country Cornflower Basket Pattern Serving Bowls, Lot of 3 Corelle by Corning Berry Bowls Free Shipping, Corelle HEARTHSTONE SQUARE S.W. BAY LEAF GREEN SET OF 3 Lg Sm PLATES, BOWL , Butterfly Gold flowers Small Sugar bowl & creamer Pyrex Corning corelle Vintage, Vintage Corelle Vegetable Serving Bowl in the Winter Frost White Pattern, CORELLE BLUE HEARTS 5 CEREAL SOUP BOWLS & 2 FRUIT DESSERT BOWLS, One Corelle bowl by Corning, white with black design, single serving cereal bowl, 3 CORELLE CORNING COUNTRY PROMENADE Geese CORNERSTONE Cups & Cereal Soup Bowls, CORELLE BOWL T'S GOTTA BE UH OOOOOO SPAGHETTIOS Bowl 8 1 2 , 3 Corelle Farm Fresh Bowls, fruit, CORELLE FARM FRESH RIMMED SOUP BOWL, SET OF 8 WINTER FROST WHITE CEREAL BOWLS BY CORELLE CORNING 6 1 4 in, Corelle Corning Lot of 2 Deep Blue Rim Bowls 6 1 4 x 3 Made in the USA, SET OF 4 CORELLE COUNTRY COTTAGE CEREAL SOUP BOWLS LAVENDER GREEN BAND, 3 Pcs Vtge Corelle Almond Pattern Large serving Bowl Oval Platter 8 1 2 Bowl, 6 Piece Lot of Corelle Country Violets 2 Dinner, 2 Bread Plates , Corelle SANDSTONE Beige Tan Sugar Bowl Butter Dish Corning GREAT CONDITION, Corelle Provincial Blue Berry Bowls Lot of 4 EC, Lot Of 8 Corelle Soup Or Cereal Bowls Abundance 6 3 4 X 2 , Corning Corelle RARE Royal Garden Sugar Bowl with Lid & Creamer MINT , VINTAGE WOODLAND BROWN CORNING CORELLE 8 1 2 VEGETABLE SALAD SERVING BOWL , Corelle JASMINE 1 QT SERVING BOWL WHITE Floral Blossom Motif & BLUE Bands NEW, SET OF 7 CORELLE FOREVER YOURS CEREAL BOWLS 6.25 , corelle BUTTERFLY GOLD 1 BERRY BOWL 5 3 4 , 2 VINTAGE CORELLE VISIONS CRANBERRY GRABIT BOWLS V 240 B & 1174 1L, Corelle 8 1 2 Dia. Serving Bowl, White Swirl with Purplish Gray Rim, Lot 2, LOT OF 4 CORNING CORELLE BLUE DUSK Soup Cereal Bowls White w Green Rims, Corelle Dinnerware 'Farm Fresh' Soup Cereal Bowls, Set of 5, Corelle EUC large white with green stripe 10 and 8 inch serving bowls LOT 2x, CORNING CORELLE COUNTRY CORNFLOWER CREAMER AND SUGAR BOWL WITH LID, Corelle Spring Blossom Crazy Daisy Serving Platter and Serving Bowl , Corelle Hearthstone Chili Red 7 Piece Lot 2 Plates, 4 Bowls 1 Mug, 23 Pc Lot Corelle Corning Three Dreams Green Lily Set Bowl Plate, CORELLE PROVINCIAL BLUE 3 DESSERT PLATES 1 CEREAL, 3 FRUIT, , CORELLE dishes GREEN SPRING BLOSSOM CRAZY DAISY BUTTER BOWL, Corelle Storage Lid 64 oz Serving Bowl by Corning Refrigerator Microwave Freezer, Lot of 3 Corelle by Corning Cereal Bowls Free Shipping


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